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Scanning and Copying.

Scanning prices are to transfer to file, CD(R/RW), DVD, E-Mail. Price per scan (up to 400 DPI) is based on clear and undamaged originals. Any original needing special handling due to condition, editing due to fading, staining etc.. are quoted after in person inspection.


Black and White (1bit) Color& Greyscale
12×18 $3.00 $9.00
18×24 $4.00 $12.00
24×36 $5.00 $18.00
30×42 $6.00 $20.00
36×48 $7.00 $26.00
Other sizes $1.00/Sq Ft
$3.00/Sq Ft

Prices apply to scans up to 400DPI

DVD included on orders over $50


20LB-Black and White

Up to 200 sq/ft

$.49 sq/ft

201-500 sq/ft

$.44 sq/ft

501-900 sq/ft

$.39 sq/ft

901-1300 sq/ft

$.30 sq/ft

1300+ sq/ft

$.25 sq/ft

24LB-Color and Greyscale

Up to 12 sq/ft

$2.50 sq/ft

13-24 sq/ft

$2.25 sq/ft

25+ sq/ft

$2.00 sq/ft

Monochrome copying costs $.45 per square foot based on 20 Lb. opaque media output. Vellum and mylar output sheets run higher accordingly.

Color copies based on spot color line drawings cost $4.25 per square foot. Heavier coverage originals, premium print materials, and additional services range higher.